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Advantages of using epoxy floor paint for underground garage

Date:2018/9/26 16:00:24 Form:本站 Author:管理员

Although many underground parking lot constructions now choose epoxy floor paint, some people think that the cost of construction epoxy floor paint is high, it is not worthwhile. In fact, in the long run, if the choice is reasonable, it is not like some people think. Very expensive, and the underground parking lot for the construction of epoxy floor paint is beneficial to everyone from any aspect. Now let's understand how much benefit there is:


Firstly, the cost of maintenance and use of the epoxy floor paint parking space will be greatly reduced, mainly reflected in the reduction of cleaning workers, and only a small number of cleaning personnel can use the push-pull to clean, without having to wash frequently like other floors.


If it is in the rainy season, the advantage of laying the epoxy floor paint in the underground parking lot is more obvious. People going home from the ordinary cement floor or the hardened concrete floor underground parking lot will inevitably bring the stains to the elevator or the lobby or the door. This has caused these places to be dirty footprints, and the laying of the epoxy floor can greatly avoid the above phenomenon, which also reduces the cost of secondary cleaning.


In addition, the epoxy floor paint does not absorb light like the cement hardened floor, so the lighting power consumption will also be reduced, thereby greatly reducing the cost of use. At the same time, after laying the epoxy floor, the load of the parking lot ventilation equipment is reduced due to the reduction of the flour dust in the parking lot, so that the running energy consumption of the ventilation equipment is also reduced accordingly, and the service life of the equipment is also extended accordingly. As long as the cement base surface of the parking lot can reach certain requirements, the pavement epoxy floor paint will basically have no quality problems during the 5-8 year period, and the hardened cement floor will be used after 2 or 3 years. The surface of the cement will appear as ordinary cement floor.