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Three reasons for self-leveling floor color issues of epoxy floor paint

Date:2018/9/26 16:00:57 Form:本站 Author:管理员

Three reasons for self-leveling floor color issues of epoxy floor paint


Epoxy self-leveling floor is mainly suitable for areas such as pharmaceutical production workshops, electronic workshops and offices where high cleanliness is required due to its aesthetic appearance, durability and dust resistance. The beauty of the epoxy self-leveling floor is mainly because the floor material has excellent leveling property and can be automatically leveled by itself, so the flatness is high and the gloss is high.


However, in the actual construction process of epoxy self-leveling, occasionally there is a problem of floor florescence, mainly due to the following reasons:


1. There are small bubbles on the surface, the overall color is inconsistent, and the floor appears white.


This is mainly because the epoxy self-leveling material has poor defoaming ability, and a stronger defoaming agent can be selected for defoaming treatment. At the same time, the ratio of filler to reactive diluent can be adjusted, the filler can be reduced, and Mars thinner can be added; A curing agent that has a small viscosity but a long curing time.


2, the local color is different.


Epoxy self-leveling materials are configured with a brand of resin that causes interference with the pigment dispersion system.


3, gray material is easy to bloom


Titanium white is relatively heavy in the pigment, and carbon black is the lightest, which results in delamination of the two color particles due to weight when the gray material is disposed. It is generally required that a black carbon needs a sub-additive, about two cents of epoxy and two parts of reactive diluent to prepare a color paste, which is generally polished three times or more.