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Epoxy primer paint
Epoxy primer paint

Applicable places:

Widely used in electrical, electronic, mechanical, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, tobacco, feed, textile, clothing, furniture, plastics, stationery and other non-heavy light industrial plants, offices, warehouses, food plants, mold-proof, dust-free walls , ceiling painting, etc.

Performance characteristics:

1, seamless dustproof, moisture-proof, easy to clean;

2, acid, alkali, mildew resistance;

3, color optional, beautiful and beautiful;

4. The construction has strong adhesion, good flexibility, convenient maintenance and cost-effective;

5, thickness 0.3-0.5mm;

6, the service life is generally 3-5 years.

Construction process:

1. Ground treatment;

2, primer; brush epoxy resin sealing primer (scrape on the ground with a file)

3, medium coating; epoxy resin coating (with a trowel on the primer)

4, topcoat; epoxy resin thin coating material top coat (epoxy resin thin coating material roller coated on the middle coating) floor thickness: about 0.5mm.

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