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Anticorrosive paint
Anticorrosive paint

Composition: Two-component coating composed of polyurethane resin, epoxy resin, pigment and filler, and accelerator.

Performance: It has good corrosion resistance, rust resistance, strong adhesion and fast drying.

Applicable: It is specially used for the surface anti-corrosion of steel pipe outer wall and steel profiles.

Construction parameters:

Matching: see bucket stickers

Applicable period: 8 hours

Thinner and dosage: special thinner, ≤10%

Painting method: brushing, rolling or spraying

Painting interval: minimum 4 hours, maximum 7 days.

Film thickness: 50μm

Theoretical dosage: 150g/m2

Surface treatment: The rust removal requirements shall be in accordance with Sa2.5 or St3 standards and the surface shall be kept dry.

Storage period: 12 months


1. The product should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place, isolated from the fire source, away from heat.

2. Proportionally matched paint should be fully stirred and matured before construction (maturation time is 0.5 hours in summer and 1 hour in winter). The used materials are used up within 5~8 hours, and the remaining materials can not be returned to the original barrel. .

3. Do not work in rain or fog. When the paint film is not dry, care should be taken to prevent the sand from being stained on the coating.

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