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Sodium base concrete seal curing agent
Sodium base concrete seal curing agent

Product Description: Sodium-based concrete sealing curing agent is a colorless transparent liquid material, colorless, non-toxic, non-combustible, and strong VOC content of 0, in line with national environmental protection requirements. This product chemically reacts with the free calcium oxide component in concrete through effective penetration, making the concrete structure denser and stronger, and the capillary pores are effectively sealed. Concrete dust is prevented from being separated from the surface voids, resulting in a dust-free, dense, high-strength, high-wear-resistant, marble-like concrete floor. It greatly improves the various performance indexes such as impermeability, wear resistance, freeze-thaw cycle and hardness of concrete. The longer the gloss, the better the gloss. (effectively solved the problem of ashing and sanding on concrete floors and the trouble of old ground renovation)

Product features: Suitable for all kinds of floors, such as wear-resistant floor, concrete floor and terrazzo floor, with cement base as the main body!

Construction method: grinding and polishing: coarse grinding + curing agent + fine grinding + polishing (direct display of crystal surface effect) natural hardening; water cleaning (lighting according to the strength of the ground for 3-6 months)

Dosage: According to the ground ash and sanding conditions, the amount of application is 0.1-0.2kg / square (depending on the base absorption rate)

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