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Waterborne polyurethane matte varnish
Waterborne polyurethane matte varnish

Product Usage:

Applicable to occasions with high requirements on the aesthetics and comfort of the ground. It is suitable for occasions with high requirements on the elasticity, wear resistance and scratch resistance of the floor. It is suitable for the chemical resistance of the floor. High-demand occasions include: offices, schools, libraries, hospitals, stadiums, showrooms, restaurants, supermarkets and other civilian floors. Industrial floors such as laboratories, production workshops, packaging areas, warehouses, etc. in the electrical, electronics, automotive, machinery, foundry, textile, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, feed, tobacco and other industries.

product advantages:

1. Excellent wear resistance and scratch resistance.

2. Excellent weather resistance.

3. Low viscosity and easy construction.

4. Strong adhesion.

Standards compliant:

Products meet the national standard GB/T2237

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