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Anti-static intermediate coat
Anti-static intermediate coat

Product use: enhanced static conduction function, superior load capacity and impact resistance


1. It has good permeability and can be deeply anchored to the concrete base surface with strong adhesion;

2, good film formation, strong sealing, can fill the concrete pores;

3, good alkali resistance;

4, can strengthen the surface strength of concrete;

5, good static electricity effect

Construction method:

1. When using, weigh a certain amount of Group A (epoxy resin) into the batching bucket, add the B component according to the fixed ratio, stir evenly with a mixer, roll or scrape the coating;

2. The construction shall be cleaned, polished and vacuumed on the base surface, such as cement, terrazzo, wear-resistant hardened surface, old resin surface, etc. The base surface must be dry, free from oil and other chemicals, and the cement strength must be ≥ C25. , the newly constructed cement base must exceed 28 days of curing period

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