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Waterborne epoxy thin coated finish
Waterborne epoxy thin coated finish

product manual:

1. Product composition: A and B components; component A is colored viscous liquid (including epoxy resin and other auxiliary components), component B transparent liquid (for special high solid water epoxy flat topcoat curing agent) ).

2, product packaging: A component 25kg / barrel; B component 5kg / barrel.

3. Product construction dosage: 0.15~0.2kg/m2 per channel


1. Two-component high-solids aqueous epoxy thin-coating topcoat material with various colors and beautiful appearance and not easy to fade;

2. High solid content, full paint film, high specular gloss, strong surface hardness and toughness, good mechanical properties, and can withstand heavy pressure of about 1-2 tons;

3. Thin coating finish for epoxy floor (rolling);

4. It has anti-light corrosion function of acid and alkali chemicals;

5. The material price is economical, the construction is convenient and quick, the comprehensive performance after curing is excellent, and the decorative effect is good.


1. The materials of the high solid water-containing epoxy flat-coating A and B components are weighed into a barrel according to the ratio of 4:1, and evenly stirred by an electric mixer. The application is carried out by roller coating and scraping. .

2, the construction on the fully cured waterborne epoxy floor paint / putty surface, the base surface must be dry, smooth, dust-free, completely closed, no blisters.

3, high solid water-containing epoxy thin coating topcoat through construction, can achieve a smooth and smooth effect after curing, uniform color, consistent, no construction traces, no bubbles, no shrinkage, no impurities, uniform gloss and other quality problems.

Construction Notes:

1. When coating the waterborne epoxy thin coating, it should be evenly coated, and it should not leak bottom and sag.

2, pay attention to the environmental hygiene of the construction site, to prevent dirt from falling into the uncured coating film, affecting the aesthetic effect of the surface.

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