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Waterborne epoxy self-leveling finish
Waterborne epoxy self-leveling finish

Product Features:

The cured coating film is excellent in corrosion resistance and chemical resistance, and has small shrinkage of the coating film, high hardness, good abrasion resistance, and excellent electrical insulation. Water is used as a dispersion medium to save energy, pollution, and meet environmental protection requirements.

Product Usage:

It is especially suitable for highly clean, dust-free, GMP-compliant pharmaceutical plants, hospitals, and power electronics industries, airports, schools, and other places.

Product features and supporting products:

Product features: water-based, two-component.

Recommended supporting system:

Recommended use of our waterborne epoxy primer

It can also be used with other topcoats of our company or with solvent-based coatings according to the specific conditions (please consult our company for specific solvent types).

Construction instructions:

Mixing of materials: At room temperature, the ingredients A (resin) and C (powder) are first premixed to complete mixing. Pour Ingredients B (curing agent) and mix well before use. Mixed use period: 2h.

The mixed material is applied to the desired thickness with a defoaming roller, trowel or squeegee, and the surface is rolled by the defoaming roller before the surface begins to condense, and the heavy air of the material is removed.

In the construction process, if you need to reduce the viscosity, you can add appropriate amount of clean water to dilute, do not overdo it, we recommend that the amount of water should be less than 10%, the principle of a small number of times should be followed when diluting;

Construction temperature ≥ 5 ° C, first humidity ≤ 85%. Special construction environment requirements, such as temperature below 5 °C or more than 85% high humidity environment, can contact the manufacturer, according to special circumstances, the product is specially formulated.

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