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Epoxy self-leveling heavy anti-corrosion floor material
Epoxy self-leveling heavy anti-corrosion floor material

Scope of application:

Applicable to ships, bridges, steel structures, electroplating plants, pharmaceutical plants, circuit boards, power plants, sewage treatment plants, chemical storage tanks (tanks), battery plants and other places with anti-corrosion requirements.

Performance characteristics:

1. Excellent mechanical properties, heat resistance, toughness and fatigue resistance;

2, the product viscosity is low, easy to construct, can be cured at low temperature and the curing time can be adjusted;

3, below 100 ° C, can resist most of the acid, alkali, salt and other chemical agents;

4, sufficient flatness and decorative.

Construction process:

1. The base surface is polished and cleaned;

2. Apply epoxy resin primer;

3. Batch scraping epoxy resin mortar;

4, batch scraping epoxy putty;

5, brush epoxy resin heavy anti-corrosion topcoat.

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