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0.5mm flat coated type epoxy floor
0.5mm flat coated type epoxy floor

Construction plan design book


one. Main raw materials


1. Epoxy resin: Select bisphenol A liquid epoxy resin produced by NANYA.


2. Curing agent: solvent-free high-performance epoxy curing agent produced by HUNSMAN and AIR PRODUCTS;


3. Additives: A series of defoamers, leveling agents, wetting and dispersing agents and surface improvers produced by BYK and DEGO.


4. Pigments: Select titanium dioxide produced by DUPONT and a series of pigments produced by DEGUSSA.


two. 0.5mm flat coating epoxy floor construction design


1. Features: It is dust-free, seamless, smooth and smooth after overall molding. It has excellent mechanical strength, good chemical resistance and water resistance, easy to clean, and has a variety of color appearances to choose from.


2. Construction process:


1) Base requirements:


The base surface should be flat and free of oil. The strength of the concrete should not be lower than C20. The new concrete must reach the curing period. The concrete on the first floor must be constructed with a waterproof layer and effective. The moisture content of the base surface is less than 6%.


2) Base treatment and primer application:


a. Remove all debris from the original floor plane;


b. In view of the actual situation of the base surface, the grinding surface is used to thoroughly polish the base surface and maximize the base surface to increase the adhesion of the base coating and the base surface. After the polishing, the base surface is thoroughly replaced by a large industrial vacuum cleaner. Vacuum clean. If there is oil on the base surface, it must be completely removed. The cavity crack must be repaired with epoxy resin mortar;


c. The base surface before the construction primer must be dry, dust-free, crack-free, no cement floating pulp, no pitting, no porosity;


d. Brushed Shanghai Jian Nai company special epoxy sealing primer (model: EC-30#), standard dosage: ~0.15kg/m2.


3) Epoxy putty layer construction:


After the primer is cured, the first epoxy putty is applied, Shanghai Jiannai epoxy paint (model: EF-600), dosage: 0.2kg/m2, quartz powder dosage: 0.15kg/m2, to be cured by the putty layer After grinding, vacuuming, construction of the second epoxy putty, Shanghai Jian Nai company epoxy paint (model: EF-600), dosage: 0.1kg / m2, quartz powder dosage: 0.05kg / m2, to putty layer After curing, sand and vacuum.


4) Topcoat construction:


Check the epoxy putty layer with or without residual pores, with or without protruding powder, and fill the pores and sanding in time, and finally apply a flat topcoat together. Shanghai is resistant to solvent-free high solids containing pure epoxy flat topcoat. (Model: EC-148), the dosage is 0.15kg/m2, which achieves a smooth and smooth surface effect.

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